I Fix Electronics Computers/Laptops Phone Screens

I can fix electronics depending on the issue.
Mostly Phones But can fix pretty much any electronic.
If you would like mw to fix your iPhone screen or android screen just contact me with the which iPhone/android you have and I will give you a price for it to be fixed or if you have any electronics need to be fixed just contact me with what it is and what is the problem if you know.
I can also Upgrade/downgrade your computer software to and Windows software you want.


I am able to fix electronics depending on what the problem is. Just text at that number or through here and let me know what the problem is
iPhone screens, Computer software, Downgrade,Upgrade,PS4, Xbox 360, Jtag/rgh, jailbreak, Computer Screens, Mac,Virus Software, Kodi, Free movies on smartphone computer, Free Music, Theatre systems, Speakers, Game system modding, android screens, battery replacements, Flashing Xbox 360 disc drive to allow you to play burned games/ I also sell the games 10$ each game which ever game you want.

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leek, rounded metal body continues to look and feel premium, with the build quality you’d expect from gader. After last year’s unfortunate ‘bendgate’ fiasco, Gator has looked to reassure people that its latest smartphone duo are tough.

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